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MuscleBlaze Whey Protein Supplement Powder with Digestive Enzyme, 4 kg / 8.8 lb

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1 MuscleBlaze Whey Protein offers 25g of fast absorbing, international quality whey proteins per serving

2 Enhanced whey protein blend has Whey Protein Isolate as primary source of protein and added Whey Hydrolysates to help speed recovery after workout in athletes & bodybuilders.

3 DigeZyme® digestive enzyme assists in improving protein digestion & absorption

4 MuscleBlaze Whey Protein supplement in India is available in rich milk chocolate flavour and aids in maximising workout performance.

5 MuscleBlaze Whey Protein is a bodybuilding supplement and helps reduce breakdown of muscles.

Rich Milk Chocolate


It is an Indian product for bodybuilders.Its a brand having 25 gms of protein per scoop.The taste is very good . No matter whatever flavor it is, the taste is good.It can easily mixed well in water or milk. Inspite of having all these properties and features, I would not recommend it to another person for reason that it has protein percentage which is lower than 70% that means the rest of the part can be added and fat to your body,
The fssai approval means a lot to it This whey is proudly made in India It gives good results Lean muscle mass, Increases the endurance & enhance your workout performance , Improves your fitness. It gives a good 24grams protein ratio with low carbs and negligent sugar.
This whey protein is good protein for who is thinking to build body.then they can take this whey protein for body helps person to builds body is good protein you have to take it in milk and it is good for making body. I m really satisfied with this product it is good.
Hi. Friends today I am sharing my personal experience to MuscleBlaze Whey Protein.I used it 3 months. It is a good protein for beginners .Who want to gain some size. It is an Indian product and very cheap as compare to foreign brands. It is effective for beginners who want to gain size and weight
There are so many whey protein brands but after used MuscelBlaze whey I really impressed.The other factor for its popularity is that it is quite cheaper than most of the other brands that fall in the same category, available in the market. In India people are more concerned with their pocket while looking for supplements rather than any other perspective.I personally using this product since 2 years and results are best.
Muscle blaze company now become india's very biggest supplement company. It gives different types of supolement also whey prptein is that one. It is a good whey protein with lots added vitamins and amino acids. It help in to promote muscle growth , recovery after gym very fast , help in increase your weight lift and also help in to gain speed , endurance , power and strength. You can take this before gym one scoop approx 32grams in which we get 21grams of protein and one after gym. It gives very fast results.the cost of this product is very less compared to other products in india. Flavour and labeling also too good
t is a genuine product from indian company.In terms of price, it's price is less than any other international or popular brand. Coming to taste, it has many flavoures which include chocolate, raw, vanilla etc. I have used chocolate and raw flavour and found it really impressive. However, raw protein doesn't have any specific good taste since its not flavoured but its good.

Mixiblity- In terms of mixibility, I would give it 7 out of 10. Thats a good grade anyways and you can drink it with that much mixiblity without any problem! .
Whey protein powder is very usefull during workouts. After 6 to 8 months of doing gym to gain more weight we have to take this protein powder. Some people dont no how to use and how to consume this protein powder. But before consuming this powder you have to consult your gym trainer or coach or to doctor. So take healthy products and enjoy