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Chirayta Chirata 60 VCaps

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Chirata have antidiarrhoeic and antiperiodic properties.These Chirata acts as blood purifier.It is very effective for pimples and acne problem.Chirata shows excellent result in case of skin infection.

Health Benefits of Chirata

Chirata is well known in preventing fevers that causes due to colds and flues.

Liver problems can be treated with the help of Chirata.

Chirata is great in curing constipation.

Chirata has an ability to lower blood sugar levels in the diabetes.

Anemia can be cured with the help of Chirata. It can help the body and produce more red blood cells.

Very effective for initial code and cough.
Reached timely in my postbox.medicine was fresh meaning not expired.
It created more problems than good.
I use chitraya. realiy it is a very effective product.
So amazing.....
So far I like it.
it is very effctive.
chirata is a wonderful .Try once. You will be fan of it.
Excellant Product...
The extract of the plant mixed with water is really bitter but its really helpful in fighting different skin diseases.