Welcome to Diseasescare Seller Panel

Diseasescare Seller Panel is a one-stop solution to help the already registered sellers as well as interested businesses (suppliers and manufacturers) to partner with us.

If you are already registered with us, please login with the seller username and password to update your company's profile and access the seller panel.If you are new to Diseasescare, please register your business to access the seller panel and start selling on Diseasescare.

You can get started by clicking the Start Selling button above. Following which, you will be required to enter your business details associated with your profile. Post your application, we will verify your details over email and call, only after which you will be able to access the seller panel and start selling. Registering on Diseasescare is completely free and it guarantees reach for your products among procurement managers and institutional buyers.

How does it work?

Sign up and set up your online store by listing your products.

Sell your products through Diseasescareto a diverse customer base.

Leave logistics to us. We take care of the shipment and delivery for you.

Hassle free payments help you realize sales and grow your business.


Start your business with Diseasescare & reach customers across India

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